How Do You Keep Cats From Scratching Furniture

How can you convince a cat to use a scratching post? You can’t stop a cat from sharpening her claws. It’s a natural behavior and part of feline nature. What you can – and should – do is provide Kitty with a good scratching post. A good scratching post can serve as an alternative to your favorite piece of furniture. We have 23 awesome tips for.

You love your cat, but you also really enjoy the nice new furniture that you spent a fortune on! Keeping cats from clawing at your leather lounge chair or nice microsuede sofa can create a problem in any home. Fortunately, we have solutions to keep your cats from destroying furniture without declawing your cat.

Although scratching is mandatory, Shelly’s cats do not have to focus their sharp attentions on the antique furniture and the oriental rug. How to train cats to scratch where you want them to.

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Sisal is a natural fiber rope and when wrapped tightly around a post is about as close to a tree trunk as you’ll get without chopping a tree down and dragging it into your house. Put the scratching.

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Train your cat where you don’t want him/her to scratch (i.e. your leather sofa, etc.) – mostly by scolding, startling, possibly even spritzing your cat with water, when you catch your cat in the act of scratching where he/she should not scratch. Then.. Train your cat where you do want him/her to scratch (scratch posts, cat trees, blankets you leave out for him/her, carpets if you’re okay with that). Reward, reward, reward – with catnip, cuddles, affection, etc. when this happens.

How To Destress Furniture How to Distress Furniture Use paint, stain or Vaseline to achieve a distressed wood furniture appearance. Strip off all remaining paint on the piece of furniture. Add any indentations you feel are necessary. In a large bucket, mix together 1 cup of milk paint with 2 parts water. Paint along the.How To Get Mildew Off Wood Furniture Mildew is a type of fungus or mold that grows over indoor or outdoor furniture. damp climate and moist surfaces are the ideal conditions for growth of mildew over wood. Unseasoned wood or lumbers are most vulnerable to mildew attack. In warm and moist climate, this fungus grows mostly over organic materials.

It’s easier to prevent a cat from scratching your leather furniture in the first place than it is to train her to use the scratching post after she already started scratching your furniture. But it is possible to retrain a cat. Dangle a toy mouse on the scratching post to lure your cat into playing over there.

Got pet smells in your furniture or carpet? sprinkle baking soda, let it sit overnight then vacuum it up. You can do the same.

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