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For example, if you have pale floors in the bedroom, find distressed furniture and lacy upholstery to create a French provencal theme; if you have dark wood floors in the living room, find furniture.

I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator ( distressed dark wood furniture,antique white furniture ,distressed wood.

Apply Stain to the Wood. But as you know, antiques are often expensive and fragile. Using these distressing techniques, take a piece of unfinished furniture and create the look of an antique for just a small fraction of the cost. Apply a stain to the wood, selecting a stain that is a similar color to the antiques you have seen or have in your home.

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Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring is perfect for homeowners who crave a rustic aesthetic without sacrificing elegance. Offered in a "drop and click" style, this bamboo flooring features a distressed dark honey finish to complement any space.

The trick to making wood look weathered is to not overdo it. Some people like an overly distressed look, but it won’t look natural. This tutorial will teach you how to distress wood and add a subtle charm. The painting technique can be applied to wood, laminate, or any furniture you want to look aged.

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Easy tutorial on how to create a weathered wood gray finish. Make new wood look like old weathered wood or refinish your furniture with this wood finish.. mixture to a small section on the bottom or underneath part of the table first on top of the existing dark stain, then lightly distressing.

7 ways to age and distress furniture pieces.. Here’s a good example and quick tutorial for using Annie Sloan paint with the dark wax:. the great tips Angela. People are always asking these types of questions, especially when buying rustic or reclaimed wood from us. Now we can point them.

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How to create a black, distressed finish using only 4 items: sanding sponge, tack cloth, primer and lacquer. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. Step 1: Products Used. Medium – fine sanding sponge Tack cloth Rustoleum Painters Touch 2x Black Primer Old Masters Brushing Lacquer.

 · DIY Dark Wood Stains in Under 5 Minutes for Under $5.00 After playing with the steel wool stains I decided I wanted to make a nice rich, dark brown stain.