How To Get Out Water Stains On Wood Furniture

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Before attempting to remove water stains from wood furniture, its essential to know exactly what the finish is on your furniture. You can do spot tests in an inconspicuous area like the underside of an apron, table top, or leg. If the finish dissolves easily in lacquer thinner, you’re dealing with lacquer.

Even small amounts of water and moisture could affect wood. Water that stays on top of wooden surfaces, even in unfinished surfaces, can cause stains. How to get rid of water stains? Here is a guide to help you out. Removing water stains from unfinished wood. removing pesky water stains from unfinished, untreated wood is no rocket science.

Removing Water Damage from Wood – Wood is prone to wood damage as a result of soaking up water. Your cup of water may fall down splashing on wooden floors or on your furniture. Despite your efforts to wipe up, the wood might have already soaked water. However, it might be hard to notice water spots on wood immediately. The good thing is that there are various methods you can apply to get rid.

Real wood that hasn’t been treated with a impervious wax, varnish or a polish are easily susceptible to water stains. How to Remove Water Stains If your table is of particular value, antique or a family heirloom, you may want to contact a wood professional to help you out.

Benefits of Lemon Oil on Wood. Lemon Oil doesn’t have a strong scent and it works on natural woods. It helps prevent cracking and drying and it removes dust, stains, and grease. You can also use it to treat dust cloths (that will be another post!).

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If you want to remove deep water marks from wood furniture, then sometimes sanding is the only way to go. Before you get your sander out,

Apply a small amount of toothpaste to the stain and buff gently, with the wood grain, with a soft cotton cloth. wipe off toothpaste and polish. Create a thick paste with baking soda and water and apply it to the stain. Let this paste sit overnight, then wipe it away with a cotton cloth in the morning.