How To Make Dollhouse Furniture Out Of Clay

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You can make miniature and dollhouse furniture from a range of various woods, everything from craft and stir sticks to hardwood strips. Most of the miniature furniture plans on our lists are built with basswood ( Tilia americana ) which is widely available in suitable sizes from craft and hobby shops in North America.

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I found this well-made vintage Strombecker* furniture on eBay, and other furniture in this scale by searching for "Ginny doll furniture." (Ginny is a vintage 7 1/2 doll from the ’50s.) After I found the furniture, it helped me decide what size to make the rooms in the fold-away dollhouse.

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Glue the towel to the floor of the dollhouse for shag carpeting. You can also cut a rectangle or oval shape out of the towel and trace the shape onto a piece of cardboard. Glue it onto the rug to use as backing and to keep it flat on the dollhouse floor.

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No dollhouse is complete without dollhouse furniture. You can either purchase individual items from a toy store at a high price, or use your imagination to make your own from everyday items found around the house. You will be surprised at the things you can make from old container lids, empty boxes.

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Smoothen the lip by trimming any extra plastic. turn the container upside down and use a pencil to trace the face of the container onto the Fun Foam in order to make the lid. Cut out the lid being mindful not to create any jagged edges. Glue the container’s top to the fun foam. Make sure the glue has completely dried before you trim the edges.

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