How To Make Paper Doll Furniture

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Dolls are a major part of most young girls’ playtime, and a doll house with doll furniture provides a perfect fit to any setup. Buying each piece can get expensive, because the prices range from a dollar to several dollars per piece, but if you make them yourself, you not only save money but can also have fun with your child creating the pieces.

Chair 1. First cut a house-shaped piece of paper by following the directions in picture above. 2. Then cut the 4 black slits in the piece of paper as pictured in the diagram. 3. Now that you have cut the slits, fold down on the red dashed lines.

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There is nothing we like more than turning a fun paper project into a fun printable project. My big kids have caught the printable bug off me, so when they learned to fold a cute origami ‘doll’s house’ at school, they came home full of ideas for turning it into a printable.

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DIY miniature dollhouse furniture – PART2 – Easy Doll Crafts.Hi guys, today I will share with you how to make miniature furniture for your miniature dollhouse. This particular kit I ordered from.

Paper Dollhouse Chairs Step 1: List of Materials. You’ll need only the most basic of materials for this project. Step 2: Cut and Fold. First, pick the paper you’ll want to use. Step 3: Draw and Tape. Now draw some fun designs on the paper and wrap it up in clear tape. Step 4: Shape. Now you can.

Learn how to make miniature dollhouse furniture, mini paper accessories and get techniques, tips and monthly tutorials.. Follower’s Gallery; Saturday, February 19, 2011. How To Make a Dollhouse Miniature "Marble" Topped Wine Rack From Card Stock. I make tick marks on a scrap of paper to.