How To Protect Wooden Floors From Furniture

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Though a very strong flooring material, even tile is not exempt from the damage that can be caused by furniture. You can use stick-on felt pads for pieces that are moved frequently, or you can make your own foam pads. For furniture that isn’t meant to move often, rubber caps not only protect your floors, they help keep those pieces in place.

Area rugs are ideal for protecting your wood floors besides adding some style and coziness into your room. Carpets and mats provides a protective barrier against rough furniture legs, traffic, moisture, grit and debris. High traffic areas such as hallways, mudrooms, dining rooms and entries are likely to experience high rate of wear and tear.

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Mop your hardwood floors with a cleaning solution consisting of. Apply specially formulated wood wax, polish, oil or cream to pieces of wooden furniture and window blinds to clean, protect and add.

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PIck some colorful cups (or matching color), they would protect your floors and beautify the furniture. Check the Legs Even if you install pads or cups and put the furniture on area rugs , you should check the legs once a week.

How to protect your vinyl floors from damage. December 04, 2017.. And unlike hardwood and tile, vinyl floors are softer on the foot. They absorb sound better and feel warmer and more comfortable than other hard surface flooring.. The best rug pads to protect rugs and floors from furniture;

Step 1, Use a business card or a small cutout with construction paper on all four legs of the object. If done correctly on most objects, you can prevent scratching. However, this will not prevent moving.Step 2, Use felt, cork or rubber pads meant for the bottoms of chairs and tables. These will protect the floor while still allowing it to slightly move.Step 3, Use carpet tape or velcro if you don’t want the object to move. These, will prevent the object from moving unless forced, but will do.