How To Stop A Cat From Scratching The Furniture

Jack Carter’s fourth article on feral cat behavior describes ‘Cat Territorial Markings’

Scratching is a normal feline behavior; even declawed cats need to scratch! To avoid accidents and to keep your furniture safe, you need to understand why your .

How To Remove White Water Rings From Furniture Despite how religious you are about coaster use in your house, chances are you have at least one water ring plaguing a piece of furniture. I didn’t learn the importance of coasters until after college, and by then my beautiful hand-me-down drexel coffee table had been tarnished with multiple rings from bottles of beer and wine.

Getting your cat to stop scratching is about as pointless as asking a bird to stop chirping or eating worms. Whatever birds do. Scratching is a.

They can help you teach your cat to scratch a provided post or pad rather than your furniture. This way, you save money on buying a new couch and your cat gets to keep the claws nature intended her to.

If your cat is scratching all of your wood furniture then maybe get a wood post. Our cats have never really been into wood but they love carpet. So the carpeted, cat trees and cat scratching post have been a huge hit in our home.

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“Declawing” may sound like a relatively benign procedure, like getting your nails trimmed. But declawing a cat so she’ll stop scratching the furniture involves removing the bones at the tip of her.

Your cat needs training to learn to use the scratching post and stay away from the furniture. Place your cat’s paws gently on the scratching post several times a day until he learns to use it. Don’t force your cat’s claws open on the scratching post, though.

The question of how to get a cat to stop scratching furniture is one veterinarians get quite often. Cats are wonderful household pets, but the damage they can do with their claws is a deterrent to many potential cat owners. The sure sign of a cat in the home is furniture with shredded fabric on the.

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External links. Studies Pertaining to Feline Onychectomy A summary of various studies and surveys; Declawing and Its Alternatives from The Pet Health Library "Indoor Cats, Scratching, and the Debate over Declawing: When Normal Pet Behavior Becomes a Problem."

After one too many shredded sofas, many cat owners find themselves desperately in need of solutions to keep cats from scratching furniture. There are several.