How To Stop Your Cat From Scratching The Furniture

They can help you teach your cat to scratch a provided post or pad rather than your furniture. This way, you save money on buying a new couch and your cat gets to keep the claws nature intended her to.

The key to stopping your cat from scratching furniture is to acknowledge that it’s natural cat behavior. understanding why your cat scratches will help you channel her instincts in a more appropriate, less destructive way.

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The question of how to get a cat to stop scratching furniture is one veterinarians get quite often. Cats are wonderful household pets, but the damage they can do with their claws is a deterrent to many potential cat owners. The sure sign of a cat in the home is furniture with shredded fabric on the.

Many cat owners, especially first-timeowners, find it difficult to stop cat scratching and save their walls and furniture. Fear not! The following tips can help you save your home from your cat’s pointy paws of destruction.

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Cat scratch spray. If your cat likes to scratch every piece of furniture in a room this is a practical solution. Simply spray a small section of your couch or chair with one of these sprays to make sure that it doesn’t discolour or fade first, then apply liberally around the furniture and the room.

Our cats don't scratch any furniture or anything they're not supposed to. Declawing very well could change your cat's personality for the worse.

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The good news is that you absolutely can get your cat to stop scratching your sofa. In time for Aunt Gertrude’s visit, too. Follow the easy steps below to save your new couch from suffering the same fate as your old one. Day 1: Decide on, locate, and purchase several cat scratching posts and some interactive cat toys. This is a critical step in the process.

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Your cat needs training to learn to use the scratching post and stay away from the furniture. Place your cat’s paws gently on the scratching post several times a day until he learns to use it. Don’t force your cat’s claws open on the scratching post, though.