How To Use Crackle Paint On Furniture

Crackle Paint gives your furniture a brilliant cracked look. This is a special type of paint that gives an antique look to furniture, walls or any object. It has a very unique painting technique and the best part is that you can determine the colour of cracks you want on the surface.

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Crackle painting is a technique that’s always in style. You can crackle paint a wall in your home to enhance its chic value, jazz up your kid’s playroom or add some fresh, personalized character to a piece of furniture.

How To Crackle Paint Furniture. Choose the color that you would like your crackles and topcoat to be. It is advisable to use two contrasting colors or use a darker shade of the same color for the base coat. 4.) apply base coat. After the primer dries, put on 2 layers of your base coat. These layers, which are the ones that show through the cracks,

How To Paint Furniture With Latex Paint

To give furniture an antique crackle decorative finish: Paint the furniture black and allow to dry to act as a base coat. Apply a coat of water based yellow or white wood glue (we use a cup of Titebond) to all surfaces. While the glue is still tacky, paint on a coat of lighter colored latex paint.

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How to Paint a Crackle Finish on Furniture Tip. To artificially age the kitchen island shown here, decorative painter ingrid leess started by. Prime, Then Paint the Base Coat. No need for a lot of prep work here-surface imperfections are. Apply the Crackle Medium. No need for a lot of prep.

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Learn how to create the antique crackle finish for your furniture, wooden decor, and toys.. Paint wood surface with base coat paint and allow to dry thoroughly.. Crackle Milk Jars Using Elmer’s Glue. Celebrate Family with a Crackle Finish Frame.