How To Use Glaze On Painted Furniture

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Brush it on. Brush the glaze on, let it sit for a minute or so, and then wipe off the excess with a lint free cloth. Repeat this process if you would like more color on your piece. The video below shows a turquoise colored glaze being made and then painted onto a piece painted white to get a beachy colored vibe.

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Painting furniture with chalk paint gives it new life and a whole different look. Today we are going to talk about how to paint with chalk paint.Follow along for step by step instructions and some tips and tricks to see how this furniture is painted with chalk paint.

5. Always paint furniture from the top down because if any paint gets on the bottom of the piece, it will be covered with the final coat. For the marble effect, apply oil-based gray paint by pouncing the natural-bristle brush for a soft mottled look.

This topic is hands-down the one we get the most questions asked about. If you have never chalk painted furniture or anything else before, this post is for you! By the time you get finished reading how to chalk paint furniture-our best tips, you will feel confident and anxious to get started with your first project.

To give the drawer pulls a fresh look, start with a coat of primer, followed by a coat of spray paint, and ending with one or two coats of clear sealer. 14. Finally, use a foam brush to apply at least two coats of polyurethane to the top of the furniture piece.

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Unfinished Vintage Tallboy. This vintage tall dresser is solid wood with 5 drawers and great details and cane doors. The customer is requesting a white distressed painted furniture makeover with a subtle glaze to give that worn aged look.. Not so obvious from the photo is the extent of prep work required on this piece.

Removing paint and varnish from old furniture isn’t always quick, but it’s not hard either. Prepare yourself with a few handy tools and a bit of patience. You’ll be excited about redoing furniture and no longer wondering what it really takes to make a cheap find ready for your home!