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Luxury mattresses command a higher price point but they also need to be able to justify the extra cost. These mattresses feel great and are a bit more substantial in terms of build and feel than some of the other basic foam and spring mattresses in the market. I am especially fond of Brentwood Home and Nest Bedding for their quality.

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Nest Bedding is recognized by The Mattress Underground as one of the only northern california mattress retailers to be known for integrity, value and quality. Also voted Best Beds and Mattresses in the Bay Area three years running. Affordable, Natural and USA Made, Nest Bedding is the brain child of Joe, our CEO.

The Nest Bedding Q3 mattress is latex mattress that can be made with blended latex or organic latex. The blended version has some synthetic latex but is a much more natural option than foam and still gives you all the benefits of latex.

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Direct-to-consumer and online mattresses are having a moment.. Buy It! AmazonBasics Memory Foam Mattress, 12-inch, $259.99/Queen;. A foam-coil hybrid, this one comes in three firmness options (Plush, Luxury Firm, and Firm) and has a.. Buy It! nest bedding Hybrid Mattress, from $1,049/Queen;.

Nest Bedding is a company I really like and respect, mainly because of the honest and transparent way the head of the company conducts business. I also like the products that they come out with. The SmartHouse Cool Sleeper is a new offering from the company that really aims to provide a true luxury experience..

The Alexander Signature Series is a gel memory foam mattress from Nest Bedding. Nest also offers several other collections as well however, this is their best seller. The Alexander Signature Series comes in three different firmness’s. Each one is suited towards specific sleeping preferences. pick the one best suited for your sleeping.

Home / The Alexander Signature Series. The Alexander Signature is available in Soft, Medium or Luxury Firm. Each is 12.5" tall.. Our Industry First Lifetime Comfort Guarantee affords the original purchaser of any Nest Bedding mattress the peace of mind of knowing Nest Bedding cares.

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